Tags / Categories Role

Tags / Categories Role for SEO and How to Correctly Use them?

If you are already familiar with WordPress then must know the benefit and Importance of WordPress Tags and Categories. Tags / Categories role for SEO is direct so let’s talk about the Role for SEO.

Tags / Categories Role for SEO:

They Play an Important role in terms of SEO and Google Ranking. Proper use of Tags and Categories can surely help you to get good ranking in Google and other known search engines like Yahoo or Bing. Also, they help to arrange the Content of your site in an appropriate way. You can also provide user friendly atmosphere to your visitors by proper use of them so that can easily search your website.

Proper Use of Tags in WordPress:

Proper Use of Tags in WordPress is extremely simple and doesn’t require additional effort. Always make it a habit to add Tags while creating any post because this helps you to gather relevant posts together. It helps your visitors to find relevant posts with the help of tags. This is a great advantage for you too because this way visitors can spend more time on your website. Google and other search engines also pick your content with the help of Tags. This technique can also make your website user friendly.

In simple words, Tags are precise and helpful as compared to Categories. With the help of Tags your visitors can find their preferred content without any struggle.

Tags / Categories Role

Proper Use of Categories in WordPress:

Categories and Tags are somehow similar but their working is a bit different. Basically, WordPress Categories made it easy to group your relevant posts. You can add or more Categories to posts and those posts would display under those categories. This help you to organize Content on your website in a better way. This can enhance your user experience.

It would also helpful for Search Engines to find the relevant Content. If you’ve more Content, then you can also create sub-category to organize your content in a better way.

Tags / Categories Role

I hope now you can understand the basic difference between Tags and Categories. Correct usage of tags and Categories can increase quality traffic on your site and also improve your Search Engine Ranking.

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