Redirect Virus

How to Remove Redirect Virus from Computer Firefox, Google Chrome, IE

Redirect Virus is a common Virus. If you are a victim of this virus then this Guide can help you to get rid from it. This article includes the directions on how to remove any redirect virus from web browsers. Let’s discuss this Redirect virus in detail. What is Redirect Virus? You may experience some unwanted website Redirects while browsing Internet. This kind of Redirects actually happen because of Virus. This may include simple Website Redirects or some kind of Pop-up ads. Hackers basically inject these kinds of viruses to promote their websites. How did I get infected? If you are a victim of this virus then it’s only because of your carelessness. You are the only person that install this virus on your computer. Always Install or update Programs with great Caution and extra attention. These kind of malware attacks convinced you first. Like they ask you to update your Adobe Flash Player or Java etc. This unwanted practice can harm you in a long way. It may also happen because you clicked the corrupted sites or links, or spam email attachments. I suggest you to use Internet with great care. These Infections target your negligence. How to Get…

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How to Hack Wifi Password – Pro Tip 2017

In this Current Era, we are nothing without the Internet. We always need the Internet in our daily life whether we want to do shopping or place any food order. Internet is our basic necessity and we can’t live without the Internet. Research shows that about 90% people currently have Wifi facility and what about if your Wifi is not working? This article “How to Hack Wifi Password – Pro Tip 2017” can surely help you with that. Hack Wifi Password – Video Tutorial: For your Convenience, I made a Video tutorial that can definitely help you with your need. Simply Follow the Video tutorial and post a comment if you need any help. If you want to watch this Video on Youtube then follow this link. You can also read my another famous article that is about “How to Find Hidden and Saved Passwords in Windows”. I hope you liked my article and don’t forget to share your reviews. It’s always awesome to read your reviews. Liked this article then why not subscribe to our feeds.

How to force Windows 10/8.1 to use 100% of your bandwidth

When you browse internet sometimes you experience slow internet. This slow internet may be because your computer is limiting bandwidth. You should check and fix your computer immediately to enjoy the maximum internet speed. It’s very easy and simple to use 100% of your bandwidth. Windows only provide 80% of bandwidth of your internet service provider (ISP) and reserve the other 20%. If you are using Windows 8 then this article helps you to use 100% bandwidth. Follow this article to use 100% bandwidth: 1. In Windows, press Windows Key + R to open Run dialog box. Type gpedit.msc and press OK to open the Local Group Policy Editor. 2. In Local Group Policy Editor, under Computer Configuration click Administrative Templates and after that click Network and then Qos Packet Scheduler. 3. Find the settings Limit reservable bandwidth. Click the Enabled and under options you would see Bandwidth limit (%), enter 0 there. 4. Click Apply and then press OK. 5. Reboot and now you can enjoy 100% bandwidth.