Top White Hat SEO Techniques 2017

Top White Hat SEO Techniques 2017

White Hat SEO helps to improve the search results by using the optimization techniques but search engine rules and regulations must be meet. White Hat SEO is also called Ethical SEO. This article helps you to find Top White Hat SEO Techniques 2017. What is White Hat SEO? Basically White Hat SEO is a technique to rank the website on Google. White Hat SEO is different to the Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO refers to the search engine optimization practices that can help to improve the results on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Google provides many rules and regulations and each blogger should take care of those rules. Some rules are mentioned below: • High Quality Content: Blogger should write high Quality Content and avoid Copying the others Content because of the Copyright claim. • Usage of Keywords and meta tags: Always use good keywords and meta tags (Title, Meta description) because this technique is an On-page SEO technique and helps to improve your website ranking. • Quality Inbound Links: Always add Quality Inbound links in your articles because bad Inbound links can down your ranking. • User Friendly Interface: User Friendly Interface can attract visitors to come again…

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How to Hack Wifi Password – Pro Tip 2017

In this Current Era, we are nothing without the Internet. We always need the Internet in our daily life whether we want to do shopping or place any food order. Internet is our basic necessity and we can’t live without the Internet. Research shows that about 90% people currently have Wifi facility and what about if your Wifi is not working? This article “How to Hack Wifi Password – Pro Tip 2017” can surely help you with that. Hack Wifi Password – Video Tutorial: For your Convenience, I made a Video tutorial that can definitely help you with your need. Simply Follow the Video tutorial and post a comment if you need any help. If you want to watch this Video on Youtube then follow this link. You can also read my another famous article that is about “How to Find Hidden and Saved Passwords in Windows”. I hope you liked my article and don’t forget to share your reviews. It’s always awesome to read your reviews. Liked this article then why not subscribe to our feeds.

Money Making Tips 2017

How to make money – Make Money Online in 2018

Money Making in 2018 is very simple and easy. This is a technology era and almost 90% people use Internet. With only a minimal struggle, we can earn huge money and improve our life. I know many people those are making money with their computer and they only need an Internet connection. There is no limit of boundary or space because they can work from any corner of world with their laptop/computer and Internet. When people actually jump into this field then they don’t exactly know from where to start but this step by step guide can provide you Make Money Online in 2018. Make Money Online in 2018 To be very honest, at the first week you will earn only a few dollars or penny’s but it would increase gradually with the passage of time. Here is the step by step process: • Create and Step up WordPress or any other Blog • Select the Target Industry or niche • Write Quality website content that encourage your visitors to come again on the website • Build your engagement with your Audience • Promote your blog • Earn Money How to make money with Blog? Here the question is, I…

Install Wordpress Beginners Guide 2017

How to Install WordPress Beginners Guide 2017

WordPress is a widely used and popular blogging software. WordPress is very popular because of it’s ease of installation, plugins and content management system. WordPress Content management system is very simple and require no development knowledge. In this tutorial “how to Install WordPress Beginners Guide 2017”, we will offer you some comprehensive directions for the installations of WordPress that can help both beginners and advanced users. Install WordPress Beginners Guide 2017 This guide can help you in several ways. Follow these step by step guidelines: Required things for the WordPress Installation: • Domain name and good web hosting company. Our great recommendation is to use BlueHost because they offer you a Free domain, Free site builders, 1 click WordPress Install, 24/7 Support and 50% off their hosting plan (specially for the AzkaWEB users). Bluehost is #1 recommended web hosting by • Web Server Access. You can access and upload files via FTP Client like FileZilla. • MySQL database • Text editor • Web browser • Make sure that your web server has the minimum requirements to install WordPress. • Latest Version of WordPress. WordPress Installation Ways: There are two ways to install WordPress 1. Automatic WordPress Install by using…

Install Wordpress plugin Beginners Guide 2017

How to Install WordPress plugin Beginners Guide 2017

Having trouble Installing WordPress plugin? This guide Install WordPress Plugin Beginners guide 2017 can help you. First step is to install WordPress. After Installing WordPress, You can move forward to install a WordPress plugin. Installing WordPress plugin is very simple and straightforward. Install WordPress plugin Beginners Guide 2017 Let’s talk about the advantages to Install WordPress plugin: • Easy to use • Google and other search engines are WordPress friendly • No development skills required • Plugins can increase the power and effectiveness of your website • Plugins can make your website SEO friendly • Plugins can secure your website from attacks • No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required • Increase the Functionality of Your Site • Grow your business by using shop cart related plugins How to Install a WordPress Plugin It’s very simple and easy to install a WordPress plugin so simply follow the step by step instructions: There are two ways of installing plugins: • Automatic Plugin Installation (Using Dashboard) • Manual Plugin Installation (using FTP) Let’s discuss both one by one: Automatic Plugin Installation: WordPress plugin install by using Dashboard is very easy. Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. You can download any…