PHP Introduction

What is PHP – Introduction, Basics and Uses of PHP

PHP Introduction is not limited because PHP is a popular server side scripting language that’s open source and widely used. PHP is permitted to download at free of cost. The official PHP website has installation tutorials for PHP: php introduction

PHP can be used for web development purposes and can be easily embedded into HTML. PHP scripts can be easily executed on the server. PHP acronym is Hypertext Preprocessor.

Rasmus Lerdorf released the first version of PHP way back in 1994. We can use PHP for dynamic content, databases, session tracking, even build entire e-commerce sites. PHP provide a great support for many significant protocols like POP3, IMAP, and LDAP. There are many important characteristics of PHP’s that made it popular: Simplicity, Efficiency, Security, Flexibility and Familiarity.

What is a PHP File?

• We can easily create PHP files by using the extension “.php”.
• PHP files can consist of any PHP code, JavaScript, text, HTML & CSS codes.
• This server side scripting language is executed on the server. After the execution of codes results are displayed on the browser as plain HTML.

PHP Uses:

• PHP can create, open, read, write, delete, and close files on the server.
• PHP Interacts with MySQL Databases.
• PHP can Collect User Information and form data.
• PHP can create dynamic page content.
• PHP can help to do mathematic Calculations.
• PHP can be used to create dynamic graphics.
• PHP can encrypt data.
• PHP can help to produce images, PDF files, and even Flash movies.
• Also, PHP can generate any text, such as XHTML and XML.
• PHP can be used to create, modify and delete cookies and retrieve cookie data.

How to Write PHP codes?

The PHP code is enclosed in special start and end processing tag



            echo "Hi, I'm a PHP script!";


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