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How to make money – Make Money Online in 2018

Money Making in 2018 is very simple and easy. This is a technology era and almost 90% people use Internet. With only a minimal struggle, we can earn huge money and improve our life. I know many people those are making money with their computer and they only need an Internet connection. There is no limit of boundary or space because they can work from any corner of world with their laptop/computer and Internet. When people actually jump into this field then they don’t exactly know from where to start but this step by step guide can provide you Make Money Online in 2018.

Make Money Online in 2018

To be very honest, at the first week you will earn only a few dollars or penny’s but it would increase gradually with the passage of time.

Here is the step by step process:

• Create and Step up WordPress or any other Blog
• Select the Target Industry or niche
• Write Quality website content that encourage your visitors to come again on the website
• Build your engagement with your Audience
• Promote your blog
• Earn Money

How to make money with Blog?

Here the question is, I have a blog now but from where the money come from? It’s a simple question so let me tell you the ways that you can use to earn money.

Research shows that the best powerful ways to earn money in 2018 are mentioned below:

Paid Advertising: Earn Money by placing the ads on your website. Visitors will click on the Ads and you will earn money with their clicks. This is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) technique.

Affiliate Marketing: Popular Companies provide Affiliate links to promote their products or services. On each sale, you will get handsome income from that company.

Launch and sale your Own Product: You can launch and sale your Own Product. Make it your business to earn money.

Check out the Research Statistics below:

Make Money Online in 2018

So its clear that you can earn more money with Selling your Own Product. Affiliate Marketing is more profitable. You can see in Statistics that Advertising shows very low percentage that’s 22.2%. Reason behind this is that Impressions and clicks on Ads must be unique and without any Spam. Spam Ratio must be 0%.

This guide “Make Money Online in 2018” can help you to make money so, why not start making money Now?

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