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Free HTML Editors Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

HTML editors are actually software’s used to create codes. If you are a programmer or web designer, you always need a professional Editor. With the help of Editors, you can create web content or web pages. HTML Editors made it easy to do coding because these editors suggest codes while writing. You can Install Free Trial or Purchase to get best working experience. Let’s talk about some top and popular HTML Editors that can make your life easier.

Popular HTML Editors:

1. Sublime Text
HTML Editors

A high-tech text editor for coding, markup and styling. You can download this software from it’s official site. Sublime Text is developed with custom mechanisms, offering for supreme responsiveness. From a controlling, custom cross-platform UI toolkit, to an unmatched syntax highlighting engine, groups the bar for functioning. Sublime Text 3 is famous version of Sublime Text. Sublime text 3 is also available for OSX, Windows, Windows 64 bit Linux repos platforms.

2. NetBeans IDE
HTML Editors

NetBeans IDE is absolutely free and open source Editor. It helps to easily create desktop, web and mobile applications. It’s provides the facility to do coding with all modern developing languages like HTML5, CSS, C/C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript and many more. It also provides the facility to install plugins to enhance its development features.
NetBeans IDE latest version is easily available. You can download the latest version from NetBeans Official site. NetBeans IDE is also available for Windows, Linux (x86/x64), Mac OS X, OS Independent Zip Platforms.

3. Notepad++

HTML Editors

Notepad++ is unconditionally Free and Open Source Software. It’s light weight and support all modern developing languages. Some supported languages are HTML/JS, PHP and C/C++ and more. It also provides the facility to convert the editor into your Local language. You can download Notepad ++ latest version. It is easily available to download the latest version from Notepad++ Official site. NetBeans IDE is also available for Windows, Linux (x86/x64), Mac OS X.

4. Eclipse

HTML Editors

Eclipse is one of the recognized and popular Editor. Its structure is somehow complex because of Java Integration. It provides great plugin facilities. Easy to use and simple for working. It is a good option for the Software developers because it supports all the developing languages. It includes Java IDE, Java EE, PHP, C/C++. You can check the Official site to download the latest version. Eclipse provides support for the platforms including Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

5. Brackets

HTML Editors

Brackets is an Open source and available at Free of Cost. It is light weight and modern Editor. It is easy to use and makes its easier to develop and design. Mostly designers and Front-end developers prefer this Editor. Live Preview is also available. This modern Editor is made with JavaScript. Latest Version is easily available to download on the Official site. It is available for many platforms including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

6. Dreamweaver CC

HTML Editors

Adobe launched this Dreamweaver CC Editor. It provides a great support to made Responsive websites very fast. It is light weight and made it super easy to code and design websites and applications. Its Responsive support gives the facility to adapt the screen size and fit the design on all screen sizes. You can download the Trial version but for Full version you have to purchase it. There are many packages available for the purchase so you can check here. It supports all modern Platforms including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

7. KompoZer

HTML Editors

KompoZer is an Open Source and Free Editor. It is an easy to use editing software. It’s a professional software. Amazing thing about this editor is that you can use this editor without understanding any HTML or coding. This is very common in HTML Editors. It has customized toolbar and cleaner markup. Its CSS Editor is amazing. Latest Version is available on Official site. Simply go to the Official site and download the latest version. It is available for the platforms that includes Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

8. BlueGriffion

HTML Editors

BlueGriffon is HTML Editor that is browser based. It also supports other versions of HTML and all modern languages. It is Wysiwyg editor that provides Responsive Designs. Its all great features made it robust and modern. BlueGriffon uses same rendering engine of Firefox. It’s the first pick of Millions of users because of it’s powerful features. Quick Download is available on the Official site. Easily available for the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

9. Aptana Studio

HTML Editors

Aptana Studio is an Open Source and Free IDE. Its unique and powerful features made it popular. This development tool made it simpler to build Websites and Web applications in less time. More professional and easy to use user Interface. It provides support for all Modern languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby and more. Some other main features are Built in Terminal, Git Integration, Debugger and more. Easily Download from its Official site. Easily available for the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

10. Visual Studio Community

HTML Editors

Visual Studio Community is Free and fully featured IDE. It helps to build all robust applications. We can write codes in C#, F#, HTML, JavaScript, and more. Its light weight and more advanced features. Debugger is great and helps to debug the codes. It provides approach to Free tools and resources. We can build Android applications efficiently. Easily Download from its Official site. Easily available for the Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android platforms.

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