Introduction to NEW Google Search Console – Beginner’s Guide

Google Search Console is a free web service by Google for all webmasters. Google allows Webmasters to add their website and manage it by using Google Search Console. It helps Webmasters to increase their Website’s visibility on Google by indexing it. Also, Google Search Console Dashboard shows the Current Status Including the Crawl Errors, Search Analytics and Sitemaps.

Google Search Console

After the couple of months testing, Google released its new updated beta version. Furthermore, The New Version has more Powerful four features as compare to the previous version.

Those four Powerful Features of Google Search Console are here:

1. Search Performance.
One of the most Important and advanced Feature is Search Performance. It is the most requested version and people love to use this. If you like daily reports of Google Analytics then probably you will love this Feature. It provides detailed Stats including (Total clicks, Total Impressions, Avg. CTR, Avg. position) and Analytics up to 16 months of data. Also, You will love it’s new Search Performance Report because its new report system provide data up to 16 months. This is a considerable enhancement and it can help to analyze long term data.

Google Search Console

2. Index Coverage
Index Coverage Feature is also available in previous Version but this New Version provide detailed Index Coverage Report. In this Report, you can find insight of indexed URL’s, Errors, Warnings, Reasons why Google rejected them. Its new Issue tracking system will alert you to fix the detected errors. Also, Index Coverage report is ideal for those who submit sitemaps. In addition, Sitemaps are good to get index on Search Engines seems like Google.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

3. AMP Status
AMP Status is related to Search Enhancement. AMP is a term for mobile phones known as Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP Status Report provide detailed insight of detected Errors and Warnings that come up. Consequently, With the help of this Report, you can fix those errors and warnings so that AMP pages can appear on Google without any error or mistake.

Google Search Console

4. Job Postings
This Feature lets you manage any kinds of job Postings that you have on your website. If you have any Job posting on your website then you can easily manage it from the New Search Console Dashboard. This Feature is currently probably available in certain locations.

CONCLUSION: Google Added some new Powerful Features into its New Google Search Console. You can use the old Version too because both Versions are currently Active and Live. Hence, New Google Search Console Provide you detailed report up to 16 months of data.

We hope that you found this post helpful. Share your best tips with us.

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