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Yoast SEO Tip for Beginners – How to pick the perfect Focus Keyword

Finding the perfect Focus Keyword is probably the main problem. If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization then you must know about the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin and Focus Keyword. Yoast SEO plugin benefits you to optimize your website. Focus Keyword is an input field of this plugin that helps you to rank your page. Today, I’m going to share the Yoast SEO Tip for Beginners.

Find your best keyword and insert it in the Focus Keyword field. Your Focus Keyword is the main keyword and it maybe one keyword or phrase. Your Focus Keyword must be especially relevant to your content. In addition, best SEO approach is to add Content on regular basis. If you are adding content regularly as a result Google can rank your website. Consequently, Google like websites that have much Content.

focus keyword

How Can I pick good Focus Keyword?

I know it’s difficult to find keyword. Let me share some tips for this. Before writing articles, first of all decide the title and pick a good Focus keyword. Now, the question is from where I can find it? Google Adwords keyword planner tool can help you with this. Furthermore, this tool can provide you a detailed report of search volume. Pick the high search volume keyword and go for it. Only problem with Google Adword is that it’s very expensive. I know everyone can’t afford it but don’t worry we can try the free one. Another tool Google Trends can answer all your question. Try Google Trends tool to find out the keyword of high search volume. Always write articles or posts on keywords that people are searching more. This tool can provide you a detailed insight and you can also compare two search terms.

What’s the best approach keyword or phrase?

I know mostly this question arises in our mind but mostly people ignore it. This is a very important concept. Always keep in mind that you are writing article for your audience not for search engines. Consider your reader humans not robots, Google or Search Engines. Let me share an example with you. When you want to search for any query on Google then what would you like to do? Would you enter only one keyword or a phrase? You must understand the answer now…right? Yeah, best approach is to pick high search volume phrase as your Focus Keyword.

CONCLUSION: Write Content regularly and pick a good Focus Keyword to rank your page or post.

We hope that you found this post helpful. Share your best tips with us.

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