500 Internal Server Error

How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress

500 Internal Server Error is a very common error in WordPress. When we open any website then we’re actually the server to show that specific page. This Guide helps you to Fix 500 Internal Server Error.

Fix 500 Internal Server Error

There may be many reasons for this error like misconfiguration of any plugin, .htaccess file, Memory limit etc. Let’s discuss one by one and try to solve your issue.

Create a Backup:

Don’t forget to take a backup. It’s always important to take a backup before you take any action. It’s always a safe side to avoid any data loss.

Some Hosting providers provide automated backup service. Automated backup is a good service and you only need to download the backup from your hosting provider’s website.
If your hosting provider fails to provide this service, then you’ve to manually take a backup of your database and WordPress files.

Deactivate Plugins:

Next step is to deactivate the WordPress plugins one by one and find the problematic plugin.
For this purpose, go to the Admin Dashboard and from the Left side bar click Plugins. Follow this: Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins. Here you will find all Installed plugins. Deactivate the plugins one by one and keep checking your website until you find the problematic plugin.

Fix 500 Internal Server Error

Now, reload your website to check if the 500 internal server error is fixed. If it is fixed then that would be great, but if not then navigate to the next step.

.htaccess File:

500 Internal Server Error may happen because of the misconfiguration of .htaccess file. Installation of broken theme may corrupt the .htaccess file.

To fix this issue, open the .htaccess file.

Fix 500 Internal Server Error

Here is the step by step process to Fix 500 Internal Server Error:

1. Open the Filezilla or any other FTP software.
2. Connect your server using Filezilla.
3. Once logged in find the .htaccess file under the Root Directory (/)
4. Download the .htaccess file and open in any Code Editor like Dreamweaver or Notepad.
5. Next, Navigate to this link: https://codex.wordpress.org/htaccess and find the codes for your .htaccess file.
6. Copy-paste the codes in the .htaccess file and upload it again on the server.
7. These codes may look like below:

Fix 500 Internal Server Error file

Now, reload your website again to see if the 500 internal server error is fixed. If it is fixed then that would be great, but if not then navigate to the next step.

Fresh Upload of Wp-admin and Wp-includes Folders:

Open the WordPress.org website and download the WordPress zip file. Unzip it and connect the server by using Filezilla. Here, you’ll find the wp-admin and wp-includes folders under the Root Directory (/). Rename the both folders to something like wp-admin-old and wp-includes-old. Upload the fresh folders of wp-admin and wp-includes under the Root Directory.

Ideally, at this point, the issue has been settled. If not, move to the following step.

Increasing the PHP Memory Limit:

Another solution is to increase the PHP Memory limit. Usually, your webhost set the PHP memory limit. Best way is to contact your webhost and ask them to increase the PHP memory limit. This step may resolve your 500 Internal server error.

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