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How to Find Hidden and Saved Passwords in Windows

Having trouble to Find Hidden Saved Passwords? When you browse different websites in browser or during file share on the network, you may need to save any credentials while browsing. Credentials are the usernames and passwords that may end up in the registry, within credential files, or within the Windows. These kind of Credentials are always stored in the encrypted format that only computer can understand. We can have decrypted these credentials using the Windows password.


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Find Hidden Saved Passwords

Windows Credential Manager
It’s very simple to access the both Web Credentials and Windows Credentials
To open the Windows Credentials manager simply click the start button and type Credential Manager:

Find Hidden Saved Passwords

You can see two options Windows Credentials and Web Credentials.

Web Credentials:

These are the Credentials that you saved while browsing the different websites on Internet. Now you need to click the arrow down and then click on Show. You need to enter your Windows password to view the decrypted password.

Windows Credentials:

These Credentials includes all the passwords that you saved on the Windows.

Find Hidden Saved Passwords

Saved Passwords on Google Chrome:

Open Google Chrome and from the top right click on Settings. Scroll down and click on Show Advanced Settings. Look under the Passwords and forms section, click on Manage saved passwords. Here you can see all the saved Passwords on Google Chrome.

Find Hidden Saved Passwords

Find Hidden Saved Passwords

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