How to Use FileZilla ( FileZilla Ultimate Guide)

FileZilla Ultimate GuideFilezilla is an open source software that’s available at free of cost that help you transfer bigger files safely and quickly. FileZilla is a very handy tool to access and edit the files. If you are a developer, then this FileZilla Ultimate Guide is very handy for you. Site Manager is a great feature that saves a lot of time so you don’t need to enter the credentials each time and simply you need to click and Site Manager and press enter.

FileZilla supports Windows, Linux Mac OS X and BSD operating systems.

What you’ll need:

Before you begin this FileZilla Ultimate Guide you’ll need the following:
• Download the FileZilla FTP Client from here.
• Get the FTP Credentials.

So let’s configure the FileZilla FTP Client. Here are the steps:

1. Download the FileZilla FTP Client from here and install it.

Install FileZilla

2. After the Installation, Open FileZilla and click Site Manager.

Site Manager

3. Click New Site and Enter your Credentials. For more details, Follow the below screenshot and click Connect.

SIte Manager

4. Now, you can see the folders and files on both sides. Left hand side files are present on Computer and Right hand side files are present on the server.


5. (/) is the Root Directory. To edit any file, Right click on any files and click View/Edit.

6. You can also Download any file from the same top menu.

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