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Create Your Facebook Ads Sales Funnel in 5 Easy Steps

Facebook is the Most Famous Social Media Network. Its advantage is not only limited to boosting Facebook Ads. We can do a lot with Facebook by turning the Facebook Ads Campaign into a Sales Funnel. Sales Funnel can help to generate more leads and revenue to your business. Let’s focus on the Facebook Sales Funnel in 5 Simple and Easy Steps.

Create Your Facebook Sales Funnel in 5 Easy Steps

1. Install Facebook Pixel on your Website

Are you ready to create your Sales Funnel? Great, Let’s Get Started! First Step is to Install the Facebook Pixel on your Website. Now, you are ready to collect your traffic. Facebook Pixel track the Facebook logged in users, when they visit your website. Facebook Pixel will track all the visits that you get from the Facebook. This step is important because it can help to drive your past visitors back to your website.

2. Create Content and Get Traffic

This Step is all about Content creation. To get more traffic, you have to create content so that you can capture leads or sales. You can create any kind of Content like Blogs, Videos, Webinars, E-books. It doesn’t matter what type of content you’re creating for Facebook Sales Funnel. You just need a Content that can help to drive more traffic to your website.

3. Create your WARM Audience

Once you create your content for Facebook Sales Funnel, it’s time to promote it to your WARM audience. WARM Audience are people that are already aware about your brand or business. Start promoting your content to them and see what’s performing best and giving good result. Now, it’s time to understand and analyze your audience carefully.

4. Build your LookALike (LAL) Audience

In this step, let’s build your LookALike (LAL) audience from the WARM audience.
LAL are those who look like your current visitors or customers. You can also say them as your “Cool Audience” and that can easily WARM up to generate your lead. Focus on these people and target to generate your lead. To do this, Go to your Facebook Ads and open Audiences Section. After that click “Create a Lookalike Audience”.

Facebook Sales Funnel

Fill the fields that are present on the next screen then click on the Create Audience button at the bottom.

5. Retarget your Audience

It’s the final and most important step because we can repeat this step again and again according to our needs. Retarget your ads to those people who visit but didn’t respond.
Track these people and start retargeting your ads. They already know about your business and brand but don’t trust you so you need to win their trust to generate your lead. When you decided to retargeting ads, then you can create personalized ads to explain the major benefits to win your audience trust. You can change the retargeting ads according to your audience.

You can repeat the fifth step again and again to win your audience trust. This last step helps you to generate more leads and traffic.

CONCLUSION: Write Content to Grab your readers attention and generate more leads

We hope that you found this post helpful. Share your best tips with us.

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