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Useful tips to attract your visitors and Increase your Blog Comments

Every Blogger Love Comments. Are you one of those? Do you want to get appreciation from your readers? It’s not difficult at all but it only requires some effort and potential. I know, you want to get quality comments to earn more money. Yes, you can earn more money with your Blog comments because comments show the popularity of your blog. Actually, If you want to become a successful blogger then put your focus on to get more comments.

One thing, that any new visitor notices is the Blog comments that you have on your blog. This thing more attracts the reader to decide whether they should browse your website or not. If you don’t have enough Blog comments then you may lose your lead.

Here are a few Useful tips to attract your visitors and Increase your Blog Comments

Grab your readers attention:

Post quality content and topics on your blog. If your content is not relevant to your reader then no one would waste their time on your blog. You can take some help from Social media to analyze the reader’s choice and target your audience. Pick some good topics from Facebook or Twitter and write quality Content on your blog to grab your readers attention. Keep in mind that reader will only post comment when you successfully grab their attention. Post regularly and make it your habit.

Ask Questions

Ask questions at the end of your blog post to get more engagement. Influence your visitors to share their valuable thoughts and answer the question. Readers, mostly like how you engage them with your content. This technique can create a significant impact on your Blog comments. To get your engagement with your readers, you can ask them to share their tips. You can ask something like this, I would love to know the strategies that you used to get more traffic on your blog. This can influence them to share their useful tips and comment.

Post Comments on other blogs

This is a useful tip. Find good blogs and post comments on other blogs. Don’t post comments something like “Thank You”, “Good Post” etc. Read the blog post carefully and post comment according to the content. This approach can influence the blog owner to visit your blog and post comment. This technique can also help you to increase traffic on your blog.

Use Videos in your Content

Videos can influence and attract more visitors as compared to the content. Mostly, people don’t like to read the post of 500 to 1000 words. Readers always find the fast and immediate solution of their problem so they focus more on videos. Post some videos on your site to grab the attention. I’m not saying to post only videos. Please write more content in addition you can add a video to give it a more hit. People always remember what visuals say in a post.

Use CommentLuv plugin

If you are a real-time blogger then you must know about the CommentLuv plugin. If you are not familiar with this plugin then let me share some important things about it. CommentLuv is a WordPress Comments plugin that facilitates the readers while posting comments. It takes only few minutes to setup on your blog. Recent Research shows that Commentluv can help to get more Blog comments. This plugin encourages the readers to post comments on your blog. This tool will pull their recent topics & show it underneath their comment.

Blog Comments

CONCLUSION: Write Content regularly and Grab your readers attention.

We hope that you found this post helpful. Share your best tips with us.

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4 thoughts on “Useful tips to attract your visitors and Increase your Blog Comments”

  1. I love people who do blog comments for link building but would still put effort in their comments and actually read the article. Spammy commenting hurts both the blogger and the commenter and it should be a common courtesy for all to at least leave a decent comment if you want to get some links from a website. Posting comments in other blogs gives you a good chance to socialize and build relationships. Some might even give you some mentions in their blogrolls and give you a valuable dofollow link.

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